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The Most Common Volkswagen Repairs

Volkswagen automobiles are, in a word, reliable. Since the explosion of their popularity in the United States beginning in the 1960s, buyers have continued to turn to Volkswagen automobiles to get them around. Even with the recent drama involving the company lying about their emissions tests, Volkswagens continue to be a popular and cost-efficient choice for car buyers around the world.

However, there are numerous problems that a Volkswagen automobile owner can face with their car. Some of these are easy fixes while others can be time consuming and costly. Luckily, many of these problems are recognized by Volkswagen, leading the company to ensure that their dealerships are ready to fix these problems.

Volkswagen Repairs

The most common problem that VW owners face in repairing or maintaining the upkeep on their vehicles is the availability of tools. While many automobiles utilize universal parts that can be fixed, exchanged, and worked with standard tools, Volkswagen oftentimes utilizes components that require special tools. Their measurements have become particularly tricky, but VW dealerships have the tools to work on it while smaller body shops and auto mechanics can order the tools and parts for cheap online.

Another problem that has been cropping up lately, particularly in the Jetta model made after 2013, is with the check engine light. Volkswagen has recognized that this light malfunction can be an issue with the computer and/or electrical systems. Though the problem may just be with the wiring, it is still always best to take the car into a mechanic, just in case there is a legitimate problem your car is warning you about.

A third problem that has been reported is an incessant rattling that can be heard either under the vehicle, around the center, or in the rear of the vehicle, particularly when it is driven over a bump. The problems can be caused by anything from muffler brackets to a failure of the rear springs. Both of these can be fixed quite easily by licensed mechanics, while local auto mechanics may still be able to fix it with extra time to order the proper parts.

It is always a good idea, with whatever vehicle you own, to take the car to an expert if there is a problem. Working on your own automobile can be very fulfilling, but in regards to Volkswagen repairs, specific training may be required—another reason to take it into a mechanic. Don’t let these problems persist and you will enjoy your vehicle even more!

Volkswagen Repairs at Autohaus Service Center

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