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Why Does Your Car Need An Oil Change?

It’s one of the first things we learn about a vehicle: it runs on gas and oil. After learning about filling it up with gasoline, you may have learned how to change the oil or have the experience of taking it in for an oil change. Either way, by the time you start driving, you should know that oil is a key component of the vehicle.

Yet the question that you have not had answered yet is why oil is so important, and why the vehicle needs it. Even more importantly, why do you need to get an oil change?

Regular Oil Changes is More Important than Gasoline

As it turns out, getting a regular oil change and making sure the oil is fresh is just as, if not more, important than making sure you have gasoline in the vehicle. This is particularly true to allow your engine to last longer.

An engine is comprised of numerous moving, metal parts that rub together. When metal rubs against metal, it creates friction, which in turn creates heat. Too much heat leaves you in a very dangerous situation, with the rubber components melting and other components having the risk of catching fire.

Oil is the lubricating agent of the engine, cutting down on the friction rub to make sure the engine runs efficiently and doesn’t overheat. Oil continues to cycle through the engine, ensuring against overheating and allowing those metal components to rub without excess danger.

Removes Broken Down Oil

Over time, however, as the oil continues to course through the vehicle its quality wears down. The chemical components of the engine break down, making the oil unable to reduce that friction and instead gumming up in the engine. Getting the engine oil replaced removes the broken down oil and replaces it with oil whose chemical components can ensure that too much friction and heating do not build up in the engine.

Finally, how often should you get your oil replaced? For most vehicles, the oil should be replaced in after 3,000 miles, than can go up to 5,000 miles after that. These distances are primarily for engines operating on traditional oil types, while synthetic oils—if your car is able to run on it—can go for at least 10,000 miles before it needs to be changed.

Oil Changes in Kalispell, MT

It is always suggested that you take the vehicle in to get the oil changed by an expert. Often times, the mechanic will be able to suggest the best oil type for your engine and replace it without ruining other components. When you’re near Kalispell, MT  and need a shop to get your oil changed, then call Autohaus Service Center at (406) 260-4400. Or Click Here to contact us!

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