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Winter Car Maintenance

What are some winter car maintenance and repairs you may need?

In these hot, long days of summer, it is easy to forget that there is such a thing as winter. Unfortunately for many of us, we forget that before we wake up to snow outside. For our vehicles, this forgetfulness is best, well, forgotten.

Before winter comes, there are a series of repairs you should make to ensure that your car runs to its proper standards during the cold months. While we aren’t talking about complete overhauls to your engine, it is best to make sure the vehicle is prepared to drive in the inclement weather that winter provides.

The first repair you should check for and take are on your tires. Oftentimes, tire integrity can wear down through the spring and summer months, especially as many choose these two seasons to travel on longer road trips that can wear the tires down. Check to make sure the tires are still at top quality and replace them with winter tires if you live in an area with bad weather occurring often.

The second thing you should check for is simple: fluid levels. On the one hand, simple fluid levels like window washer fluid are easy to check for and infuriating when you run out while on the road in the winter. Others, like oil and transmission fluid, should be checked during a yearly vehicle maintenance to make sure the car doesn’t break down on the road during a cold, snowy night.

Finally, a third repair that you should make is to make sure your battery is operating properly. Cars not being able to start in the winter can be a real drag, causing you to have to stay out in that cold longer than many of us would desire. Rather than finding yourself in this position, check the charge on it and make sure there is enough battery fluid in it to keep it running through the winter.

While these are just the start in necessary winter repairs to prepare your vehicle for the cold season, there are numerous others than can depend on your geographic location. If you live in Florida, getting winter tires is probably something you can skip, but in areas with snow and ice, such as Montana, you will definitely need to consider getting them. If you notice any other parts of the vehicle acting strange, now is the time to take it in and get it checked before being without a vehicle in the winter.


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